Welcome to the XXII SIGEF Congress



Miguel Hernandez University (Spain), 10-11th July 2023

The International Association for Fuzzy-Set Management and Economy (SIGEF) is pleased to announce the organization of the XXII Congress, to take place in Elche (Alicante), Spain. This Congress is organized by the Miguel Hernandez University (UMH), through the Economic and Financial Studies Department, and SIGEF Economy (SIGEF).

SIGEF and the Congress offer a forum where academics, professionals and practitioners, working in the field of economics, finance, management and organization, can exchange ideas and experiences on the advancement of research, methods, techniques, application and projects based on fuzzy logic, neural systems, genetic algorithms, and systems, uncertainty theory, complexity theory and soft computing.

The main purpose of the Congress is to stimulate scientific exchanges, promote international cooperation between academic community and companies, and disseminate results of international research.

Contributions describing research results and application papers in the following areas are solicited:

  1. Agent-based Modelling and Simulation
  2. Applications of Pattern Recognition to Economy and Management
  3. Approximate Reasoning
  4. Business Intelligence
  5. Chaos Theory and Applications in Economy
  6. Competencies Management Methods and Practices
  7. Complex Adaptive Systems
  8. Complexity Science
  9. Data Mining and Applications to Economic Problems
  10. Decision Making Systems
  11. Evolutionary Modeling
  12. Fuzzy Expert Systems for Intrusion Detection
  13. Fuzzy Games Theory and Applications
  14. Fuzzy Logic and Expert Systems in Management
  15. Fuzzy Logic in Audit and Security Information
  16. Fuzzy Multi-criteria Methods & Applications
  17. Knowledge Management Methods and Practices
  18. Linguistic Information and Decision Making
  19. Management Intelligent Systems
  20. Management Methods based on Artificial Intelligence
  21. Modeling of Economic Processes in Uncertainty
  22. Modeling Aggregate Behaviour in Economics
  23. Multi-agent systems
  24. Neural Networks and GAs in Hybrid Systems for Economy and Management
  25. Neuro-Fuzzy Models
  26. Organizational Modeling
  27. Network Economics
  28. Small business management tools
  29. Soft Computing en Control de Administración
  30. Software Platforms for the Management of Innovation and Extended Enterprises
  31. Technology Transfer from New to Old Economy

Organizers are working to arrange the publication of the best papers. Manuscripts will be selected for potential publication in special issues of several indexed journals.

Economic and Financial Studies Department-  Miguel Hernandez University